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Chasar Online/Gypsy Rollers

The original Chasar website was an AOL-based thing, called Gypsy Rollers, which ran from @2000 - 2003. There was a strong response to the site, and it was expanded to a Tripod site called Chasar Online. Over the years the Tripod site, while popular, has proven more-and-more of a hassle to manage, and now seems to be overrun with unwanted ads and hijacked by a prog webring (!). As a result, Chasar Online is now being archived here on Channel Nowhere and will be fully sorted within the next month or so. This will hopefully include an archive of the guestbook, or at least the Chasar-relevant bits, although that’s taking bloody forever right now, so give it time ...

At the time the site was originally started, it was intended as an information resource for a long-split band, but now Chasar are back in action (file under: “hell, yeah!”), and have their own official site up-and-running ( so Chasar Online is now really in a position of ‘job done’. However, there are a few vintage photos and the likes still to be uploaded (galleries will be fully updated soon), and we’ll be updating from time to time with news which will hopefully be complimentary to the official site.

So, keep checking back here for updates about the past, and look to the official site for updates about the future ... or something. I’ve just confused myself.

In the meantime, check out the all-new official Chasar Facebook page here: