Craig Hughes has provided original music for film and video productions and Channel Nowhere licenses songs from its record label for media use. Qualifications held by Craig Hughes include: BA (with Distinction) Media Theory & Production and HND Television Production.  

To discuss original music for a media project or if you are interested in using music from a Channel Nowhere release, please contact or
or call: (UK) 07760490933

Previous projects: original music for Film/Video/TV

A Mug's Game (feature drama, 2011)
Channel Nowhere Vimeo Channel (short live, documentary and promo clips, 2011/ongoing)
Stix And Stanes (BAFTA nominated feature comedy drama, 2009/2010)
Craig Hughes/Channel Nowhere YouTube Channel (short live, documentary and promo clips, 2009/ongoing)
Messages: The Fourth Message (short drama, 2008)
Messages: The Third Message (short drama, 2008)
Bigger Brother (short comedy, 2008)
Messages: The Second Message (short drama, 2008)
Messages: The First Message (short drama, 2008)
Prague '07 (short drama, 2008)
It's The Thought That Counts (short comedy drama, 2007)
Flowers (short drama, 2007)
A Mug's Game (short drama, 2007)
Can We Be Brainfood? (documentary, 1998)
Krauses Workout Warehouse (promo-documentary, 1997)