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Next up from Channel Nowhere …

Next up from Channel Nowhere is the new Dog Moon Howl EP, These Days, which will be released in March.  An actual release date hasn’t been set as of yet but an end-of-the-month launch gig in Glasgow is planned, so you can expect it around then.  More news on this soon, including a teaser video.

After all that, The Craig Hughes Two will be releasing a mini-album, Off The Cuff, culled from a live-in-the-studio session recorded late last year.  The tracks are a mixture of live regulars from the Craig Hughes back catalogue with significantly different duo-arrangements, and a couple of cover versions.  We’re just waiting to get the licensing sorted out for the covers so we can decide on a release date.

Both releases will be available on CD and download. Off the Cuff may also be available on tape, TBC.

New year, new stuff.

One way or another, this is going to be a very busy year  for Channel Nowhere.

The next few months will see new EPs from both The Craig Hughes Two and Dog Moon Howl (more news on them very soon).  There’s the distinct possibility of the return of the old That Devil Music live night.  Limited edition runs of “hand stamped” CDs and tapes of the Craig Hughes back catalogue are in the works.  The websites (this one, Dog Moon Howl and Craig Hughes) will be back in full working order and there will be regular updates over at the Ritual Objects blog.

Stay tuned.