That Devil Music
Live music promotions in Glasgow and around Scotland, usually specializing in alt.blues/roots, but occasionally branching out into heavier sounds ...


20 November 2014 - Glasgow

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That Devil Music is the "live-promotions wing" of Channel Nowhere, until recently presenting a regular alt.blues/roots promotion under the title - no surprises - of "That Devil Music", featuring Craig Hughes plus guests.

The first regular That Devil Music gig, an alt.blues/roots night, took place in Bacchus, Glasgow in May 2008 before moving to MacSorley's and finally going acoustic at The State Bar. Guest performers appearing with Craig Hughes have included Sleepy Eyes Nelson, Missing Cat, Tragic O'Hara, The Dirt, Man Gone Missing, Doghouse Roses, Jim Dead, John Alexander, Roscoe, Bad Boogaloo, The Invisible Republic, Jim Byrne, Bad Bad Men, James Apollo from the USA and Black River Bluesman & The Croaking Lizard from Finland. Before the move to the State, TDM's sister night, Don't Mess With Texas (featuring largely acoustic alt-country) ran there. Over the years, TDM/DMWT have run various joint promotions featuring the likes of Tony McPhee, Dave Arcari, Mark Cool and Lou Vargo.